Garlic Infused Oil

As fall weather approaches I'm thinking of ways to keep me and my family healthy and seasonal illnesses at bay.  Naturally we think of garlic to help with this goal right?  No?  Well here's a few reasons why you should.  There are numerous benefits of garlic as a health-supporting food. Historically, the antibacterial and antiviral properties of peeled garlic are perhaps its most legendary feature. This amazing bulb has been revered for its ability to ward off infection and fight bacteria and viruses.


A recent study has shown garlics’ ability to help treat bacterial infections that are difficult to cure as they have become resistant to prescription antibiotics. However, most of the research on garlic as an antibiotic has involved garlic extracts or powdered garlic products rather than garlic in whole form. Which is why garlic-infused olive oil is a great product to keep close by during cold and flu season!


According to one study, those who consumed garlic-infused oil daily for three months had fewer colds than those who took a placebo. When they did come down with a cold, the duration of illness was shorter. While garlic may not be able to alter the course of infection itself, there may still be health benefits from garlic in helping to regulate the body's response to that infection. There are many garlic infused oils on the market.  Here's some know how and a step by step if you want to make your own:


1. Safety first: Make sure you remove all soil from the garlic and clean well before starting.  Do NOT drop a few raw garlic cloves in some oil and call it a day! 


2. Using quality oil is key : Make sure you are using a top quality oil.  Rule of thumb for picking a great oil is to read the label. The more information itcontains the better.  Knowing where the oil was made, information about the distributor and any added ingredients ensures a top quality brand. 


3. Quantity counts: Know what your garlic preferences are before getting down to business. Do you like a lot? A hint? Professional recommendations range from six cloves of garlic per cup of oil to one head of garlic per cup of oil. Bear in mind that more than this amount can result in a bitter aftertaste.


Now that you’re well versed in the basics, you can get cooking. Here is a simple recipe for homemade garlic-infused oil:


Step One: Peel your fresh garlic and let it sit out for a few minutes to get the maximum heath benefits.


Step Two: Sautee your garlic in high-quality oil. Pour in enough oil to give a healthy coat to the bottom of your pan (the best kind to use is cast iron). Sautee over medium heat for three to five minutes. The garlic should sizzle but not cook. If you only need a small amount of garlic-flavored oil to cook with or eat, you can use what's in the pan. If you're creating a big batch to save for later, proceed to the next step.


Step Three: Simmer your garlic in more oil (amount will vary depending on how much you need to make). Bring the heat down to medium-low and wait until the mixture begins to slightly bubble, simmering for three to five more minutes. To ensure that botulism spores are killed if present, simmer for an additional 15 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow the oil to cool.


Step Four: Use a fine-mesh sieve to strain that oil into an airtight storage container. Be sure that no garlic remains in the oil as it could go rancid and spoil your entire batch! The yummy cooked garlic cloves that remain can be used in other dishes.


Step Five: The last step, immediately following straining, is to store it in the fridge. The oil will stay fresh in your fridge for up to one week.


A big thank you to our friends at for sharing their love and knowledge of all things garlic with us!

Krista Numbers

Krista is the founder of Simplify Supper. She is passionate about making family dinner a priority and strives to provide simple solutions to make it happen.

Feb 02, 2014
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