International Women's Day

March 8 is a day to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations.  It's International Women's Day, also known as the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and international Peace.  Thinking about the significance of this day I'm reminded of a quote I have hanging in my kitchen by Barbara Bush.  It reads, "Your success as a family... our success as a nation... depends not on what happens inside the White House but on what happens inside your house."  In a time when our country and the world for that matter is divided on issues ranging from personal to political, let's take a minute to focus on the women who bring unity and peace to our lives and homes.  Think about the women you know who fit this description. It could be a mother or mother figure, a daughter, colleague or friend.  Here at Simplify Supper we want to give a shout out to all of the great women who make the time and effort to gather their families around the table not only for a good meal but for the connection it brings to their loved ones.  Here are three scientifically proven benefits of making family dinner a priority:

  1. Family Dinners Relieve Stress:  While the thought of having to make a healthy dinner each night can cause stress, a study of IBM employees found that sitting down to a family dinner most nights is actually a great source of stress relief after a long day.  Meal planning is the key to reducing the stress of making it happen and reaping the rewards of time well spent.
  2. Better Academic Success:  Studies have proven that there is a significant link between family dinners and academic performance.  A report by CASA found that teens who eat most dinners at home with family each week were twice as likely to receive A's and B's than those who had fewer than three meals at home.
  3. Family Dinners Mean Better Family Relationships: This may seem obvious but again, the success is in the planning.  Get the family involved in deciding what and when to eat and have topics of discussion on hand to make sure there is a solid connection with all involved.
Let's celebrate the women in our lives who make it happen and maybe make them a special dinner tonight.  Much love and happy International Women's Day from our home to yours.

Krista Numbers

Krista is the founder of Simplify Supper. She is passionate about making family dinner a priority and strives to provide simple solutions to make it happen.

Feb 02, 2014
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