When Life Gives You Lemons

If you have read a few of the posts on Simplify Supper you know we like to share tips and tricks to help keep things simple in the kitchen and life in general. This week it's all about lemons. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade of course, and then try a few of these alternative uses for the tangy, refreshing fruit.
Lemon Cubes
You can freeze fresh-squeezed lemon juice in ice cube trays to preserve
in small amounts. It's nice to have on hand when you forget to buy lemon for a
recipe and don't want to go to the store for one item.
Removing Strong Odors
One of my all time favorite uses for lemon is to rub lemon
juice into cutting boards that have retained strong odors or stains, and clean with
soap and water. For the fridge,  pour some lemon juice on a cotton ball or cloth and
place it in the  fridge until the smell goes away.  Small pieces of lemon peel can
be dropped into a running garbage disposal for to clean and deodorize.
Natural Cleaner
Similar to Citrasolv, lemon juice works as a natural household
cleaner. You can use lemon juice or squeeze a lemon directly on kitchen or bathroom
surfaces, and wipe them with a wet cloth to remove the sticky residue. For stains
and really dirty areas, mix in some vinegar and water with the lemon juice.
Skin Care
For dry skin, you can use a lemon-sugar scrub, or rub a cut lemon on
particularly dry areas, such as knees, elbows, or heels. Be careful when applying to
cracked skin.
Bathroom Stains
It may take a little extra scrubbing, but you can remove water
stains, soap scum, and limescale naturally with lemon juice. Use a lemon, water, and
vinegar mixture for tough stains on your shower walls or tub.
Laundry Detergent
You don't need bleach or chemicals to brighten your whites. Try
using lemon juice instead of detergent for cleaner and naturally scented clothes.
Lemon juice is also good for removing stains. You can directly apply lemon juice to
the spot before washing it, or for bigger stains, it is recommended to soak the
clothing in a 50/50 mixture of baking soda and lemon juice.
Sore Throat
A freshly squeezed lemon in a cup of hot water will quickly treat a sore
throat. I like to add honey, which sweetens the drink and is another natural germ
Natural Preservative
For fresh-cut fruit or veggies, squeeze a fresh lemon over them
to prevent browning. This is another reason many guacamole recipes call for lime; in
addition to the flavor, it keeps the guac from turning brown when you store it.
Natural Weed Killer
Believe it or not, you can use lemon juice instead of harmful
weed killers to get to those hard-to-remove weeds that always come back,
particularly in the cracks of your sidewalk or driveway. For more efficiency, put
the lemon juice in a garden hose filter, and soak the area thoroughly.
Fi ngernails can be brightened with a little lemon juice. keep in mind it will take a
few applications to notice a difference.

Krista Numbers

Krista is the founder of Simplify Supper. She is passionate about making family dinner a priority and strives to provide simple solutions to make it happen.

Feb 02, 2014
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