Halloween Sugar Intake

If your house is like ours Halloween is a much anticipated sugar fest.  Even though I try to limit the candy intake, it comes in all shapes and sizes from school, neighbors, family and friends.  I can't complain about people's kind deeds in leaving goodies for us to enjoy.  What I can do is try to counter act the sweets by having plenty of healthy snacks on hand and nutritious meals on the menu.  The reasons to limit sugar consumption are numerous.  A few reasons are that sugar reduces brain function, leads to over-eating, contribute to obesity, ruins our sensitivity to insulin and contribute to type 2 diabetes, promotes inflammation and can lead to headaches.  Here are some suggestions on ways to keep our sugar in check at Halloween and year round.

  1. Read labels: Similar products can result in hugely different amounts of sugar.  Different brands of the same product can be very different in sugar amount. Read labels carefully.
  2. Homemade baked goods:  If your kids love cookies like mine do, there is no reason to eliminate them entirely.  Baking at home will allow you to use less sugar, no matter what- or even replace all the sugar with pureed fruit.  
  3. Eliminate sugar added beverages: Sugar sweetened beverages is being held responsible for the majority of added sugar in American’s diet today.  That is one statistic you do not want to be a part of.
  4. Plan Your Meals Ahead:  A few minutes of preparation will not only save you time and sanity when dinner time is here but will also allow you to control the ingredients of your meals.
The question isn't why to limit sugar intake, the question is how.  Let us help you this Halloween and the whole year through.  
Much love and happy Halloween from our kitchen to yours!

Krista Numbers

Krista is the founder of Simplify Supper. She is passionate about making family dinner a priority and strives to provide simple solutions to make it happen.

Feb 02, 2014
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