• Time to Get Planting!

    Eating and cooking with fresh-picked produce from your own garden is a wonderful experience. But where do you start? How do you choose from racks of seeds and rows upon rows of nursery seedlings? Successful small-scale farmers know what and when to plant.  Here are a few tips I have found

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  • Using Your Kitchen as a Medical Box

    Besides using your kitchen as a place to cook up yummy meals, you can use it as a cure for common physical ailments.  If you want to save money on medical bills and doctor's visits, let your kitchen help you become a part time doctor yourself. Here are the top 10 food items that are easily

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  • One Day at a Time

    Each morning I wake up with a picture in my head of how the day will go.   First I will take my dog for a run.  I will be home, showered and dressed in a stylish outfit with my hair done all before my four kids are awake.  I will make a delicious and well

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  • Overcoming Quiche Anxiety

    I used to be intimidated by quiche.  Just the sound of the word made me uneasy.  I remember years ago seeing it on a menu and not even knowing how to pronounce it.  What I have learned is that like a lot of things in life, you can build up a lot of anxiety over nothing.  So

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  • Lasagna for Dinner

    Last night I made lasagna.  The kitchen smelled amazing and I was so excited to sit down with my family.  Mark worked late so I let the kids snack a little since we didn't start dinner until almost eight o'clock.  I baked Rhoades rolls as a side.  The lasagna recipe was

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  • Benefits of Family Dinner

    Toting up all the benefits of frequent family dinners:

    • Everyone eats healthier meals.
    • Kids are less likely to become overweight or obese.
    • Kids more likely to stay away from cigarettes.
    • They're less likely to drink alcohol.
    • They won'

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  • Embrace the Minivan!

    When I was a teenager I swore that I would never drive a minivan.  The night my husband and I went to test drive them I definitely had to check my ego at the dealership door.  However, being pregnant with our third baby and having a one and three year-old in tow, I had little op

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  • Lost TV Remote

    Last weekend I did my usual thing that drives my husband crazy… not in a good way.  While picking up around the house I misplaced the TV remote.  I vaguely remember shoving it out of sight in a drawer somewhere.  Apparently it has fallen into that black hole that exists

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  • Living With Intention

    To be intentional- to do something on purpose.  We can do good things intentionally or not so good things.  When one of my kids comes crying because another kid made them sad I always ask the instigator, “Was it on purpose or an accident?”  The things we do intent

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  • Plan of Action

    We all have goals.  Some of us want to lose weight.  Some of us want to finish that book we started.  I think most of us would love to sit down to a fresh, healthy dinner each night in the comfort of our own home.  Whatever area your goals are in, a good plan of action is e

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