• Gardening Like a Chef
    Created By onJun-04-2018

    Here are three unusual plants to try in your summer garden this year complete with recipes to try them in.  



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  • Preserved Lemons How To
    Created By onMar-20-2018

    I love cooking with preserved lemons. They add a distinctly sweet flavor to any dish without the tartness of fresh lemons.  I always a have a jar or four on hand to make a simple dressing or marinade or to add to a fish o

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  • International Women's Day
    Created By onMar-08-2018

    March 8 is a day to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations.  It's International Women's Day, also known as the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and international Peace.  Thinking about the significance of this day I'm reminded of a quote I have ha

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  • Let it Snow- Dinner is Done!
    Created By onFeb-20-2018

    We have had an unusually warm and dry winter season in Utah this year.  When I woke up this morning and saw a foot of snow on the ground I briefly did not recognize the white stuff. My daughter went skiing with a friend and it took them 4

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  • Simple Truth 101
    Created By onJan-29-2018

    101. That’s the number of preservatives that you will not find in Kroger’s Simple Truth brand. Preservatives like antibiotics, aspartame and ethylene oxide just to name three. If

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  • Simplifying New Year Resolutions
    Created By onJan-11-2018

    As we ring in the new year it is a natural time to think about goals and resolutions for the year ahead.  Thinking about the endless possibilities of ways to improve our health, our finances, our love life- whatever it is

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  • 6 Strategies to Simplify the Season
    Created By onDec-11-2017

    With the holidays in full swing there's sure to be some stress involved, and not just with meal planning.  While our focus is always centered on helping you get your family sitting down to a meal together, we want to help in any area we can. Here are our seven favorite tips and tricks for ge

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  • Simple Gratitude
    Created By onNov-13-2017

    No need to spend months stressing before the big feast.  Keep these five simple tips in mind and a stress free, low key holiday will definitely be part of the celebration.  

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  • Growing Herbs Indoors
    Created By onOct-27-2017

    Convenience, freshness and great color are just a few of the many reasons why it's nice to have herbs growing on the kitchen windowsill. Here are some tips to simplify making it happen.


    1. Kitchen windowsills are ideal setting because herbs need as much natural light as

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  • Prioritizing a Full Plate
    Created By knumbersonOct-09-2017


    I find myself asking the same question each morning when my alarm goes off- “There’s so much on my to do list- where should I start?” Sometimes the answer is obvious if I or my kids have somewhere to be at a specific time. But I’m talking about when the answ

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