• Four Thanksgiving Traditions to Consider Starting
    Created By onNov-13-2018

    As my children are growing up a little too fast (insert tear), I have found we need to start some new traditions for a new season of life.  Some of the stories and activities we did together preteen years are starting to

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  • Six Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays
    Created By onNov-06-2018

    I love for my home to look and feel like we are embracing the spirit of the holidays but I don’t like to spend a lot of extra money, time or energy getting it there.  Here are six low budget, low maintenance ways to

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  • 5 Tips to Avoid Vacation Reentry Stress
    Created By onOct-30-2018

    After recently returning home from a week long vacation with my family I found myself excited to get back to work but also totally overwhelmed picking up my to do list.  Vacations are a great way to recharge your battery

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  • A Safe Halloween
    Created By onOct-12-2018

    Halloween parties can be lots of fun but it’s important to remember that danger can make an appearance at the party.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put out a Halloween Acronym that I love which

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  • Eight Easy Ways to Self Care at Work
    Created By onOct-01-2018

    Do you think about self care while you are working?  We know that self care is important and it may seem like you can't focus on your needs and your work at the same time but you can and should if you want to be healthier and more productive.  Here are some of our favorite ways to pra

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  • Fall Kitchen Essentials
    Created By onSep-24-2018

    As the air turns chilly the desire to stay in and cozy up with something yummy is on the horizon. Something yummy may mean anything from a good book to Netflix but definitely includes something good to eat. Keeping a kitchen stocked with the essentials means you won't

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  • Garlic Infused Oil
    Created By onSep-17-2018

    As fall weather approaches I'm thinking of ways to keep me and my family healthy and seasonal illnesses at bay.  Naturally we think of garlic to help with this goal right?  No?  Well here's a few reasons why you should.  There are numerous benefits of garlic as a health

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  • Following Your Passion
    Created By onSep-10-2018

    I work with a group of fabulous teenagers in my neighborhood.  With the fall season upon us they are each going various directions with their lives.  Some are serving missio

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  • The World on a Platter
    Created By onSep-05-2018

    "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are." - Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


    If this quote is true then the towns I just visited on the French and Italian coasts can be described as simple, elegant and breathtaki

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  • Summer Party Tips
    Created By onJul-31-2018

    I love to cook- and eat- any time of the year.  As I type this summer is in full swing.  As July melts its way into August so is fresh produce.Read More